Is a legal proof confirming that a person is permitted to enter or exit the visa granting country.  This permission may be made in writing; however, it is popular to be made with a confirmation seal for the applicant onto his/her passport. Several countries have no requirement for an entry visa for some cases, which is usually the agreement between such countries and the applicant’s country.

The countries often have conditions to grant a visa, for instance the validity of the visa, the period within when the applicant is permitted to stay in such countries. It is usual that a visa is valid for multiple entries (depending on conditions), but can be revoked in any time and with any reason.

A visa can be granted directly in a country, or by the Embassy or the Consulate General of that country, sometimes by a professional agency or a tourism company approved by the issuing country. Nowadays, there are more and more countries granting entry permissions through a letter in hand or Internet.

Some countries set forth the obligatory requirement that their citizens and foreign tourists all must apply for an “exit visa” for an exit permission from those countries.

VISA is specified as follows:

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Family visa (visiting relatives, friends)
  • Study visa
  • Settlement visa: marriage, work, family sponsorship…

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